18 January 2016

Blanket #1

Here's (probably Stella's) blanket:

Yeah, I don't know how to use my camera well.
 Sorry for the lack of proper focus. I'm not entirely please with how the colors worked out. There's a lot of variegation in the main yarn color I used, so it is less cohesive than I would have preferred.

For example, you can see above that the two rows between the accent colors are totally different, and the row above the purple is also a different shade.

Oh well. I feel like these big projects become their own things no matter what I plan. I added the blue in because that's the main color in Ezra's and Judah's blankets. I used this yarn in Ambrosia, Grape, and Montana Sky. I didn't use Montana Sky for the last one I'm making bc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'll post pictures when it's finished.

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