06 January 2016

Okay, an Actual Update

I'm now recognizing that last post was not an actual update.

So we received some strange news. I think it's strange... You guys, I don't even know anymore. So the US embassy is telling us people from a different branch of the Ugandan government (so not the courts, but the Ministry of Gender and Other Things I Can't Remember Off the Top of my Head) has been going around to adoptive families in country and asking to see their dossiers. I don't know what happens after that if one allows them to do that, but the US embassy is advising adopters to call the embassy instead.

And I'm like
Don't with me, Ministry of Whatever and Stuff
I am not traveling to Uganda for governmental drama, and I do not want some kind of as one escaping through the flames adoption. Yes, I know I need to have a "come to Jesus" time about this. But in my flesh, I'm hardcore Liz Lemoning this situation.

The other thing is less Annoyed Lemon and more Confused Bunny

So we now are being told we have to make an appointment to file a form. And we can't do any of the other steps to get the girls home until that form is approved, and I'm just going to assume that the approval will take like a minute. Or a day is fine. But So we have to get an appointment to file a form? What? Like there's no interview, we're just handing in papers. The interview comes after. What is the point of the interview if our big fat important form has already been approved?

Okay, maybe I'm a little Lemon on this one as well. I'm just super done. I'll feel better when we're in Uganda and with our girls. And I'll feel really way better when me and the girls are on the plane home.

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