17 January 2016


I've been trying to focus on all the reasons I can be glad we didn't leave last week (since we didn't, I might as well, instead of mopetymoping). On of the reasons is that we can get our girls' room more in order for our return. Nesting definitely exists with adoption, in case you were wondering!

We had a friends give us an online baby shower (so sweet!) and we were given so many useful things, like the storage cubbies for their clothes (and the bins that go in them), their pillows, a toy chest to hold their toys, books, two twin mattresses for their bunk beds (!), and some things to help me care of their hair. We were also given generous gifts of funds to help with our trip.

All this generosity bowls me over. Of course, with packages coming nearly every day, Ezra has been very excited too! It's been so comforting to feel like people support us and are excited for us as I wait to go.

My parents have started working on their bunk beds, and so it looks like it will all come together soon. Organizing things is the main way I deal with my big-things-are-happening-to-me anxiety. I've also been making every list Stephen could ever need to manage our home while I'm gone.

Please, please be in prayer that my trip will be short. It will be a big strain on our family to be separated even for two weeks (the minimum amount of time I'll be there). Also I hope to put pictures of their blankets up sometime this week (I have to go to the office to do that).

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